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Let our certified technicians replace your automotive glass. If your windows or auto glass mirrors have been cracked, broken, or chipped, you can call our locally-owned company to have your auto glass repaired or replaced. If your auto glass needs to be replaced, it will be custom-fitted to your vehicle.

Put your trust in our insured and bonded company. Locally owned!

Serving Hemet Valley and the surrounding areas.

-Your windshield does a lot to protect the interior of your vehicle and its passengers from rain and wind. Your windshield also provides a layer of protection in the event of an auto accident. The airbags on your vehicle may not deploy appropriately if your windshield is not installed correctly. Airbags are an important safety feature found on most vehicles.

-On some vehicles, the windshield provides 40 - 50% of the cabin support when a rollover occurs. Windshields are built to withstand a lot of force. When properly installed, windshields are stronger than many people think.

-The injuries sustained by people in accidents have been greatly reduced because modern windshields are designed to keep passengers inside the vehicles.

Best reasons to repair or replace your windshield

Given the importance your windshield, you should do whatever is necessary to keep it in tip-top shape. If the windshield on your vehicle is chipped by a rock or some other source, you should get it repaired quickly. Quick repairs are needed to keep the chip from spreading and to maintain the safety of your vehicle. Call today to ask about our mobile repair service.

Don't compromise the safety of your vehicle

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